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Anhui Beidouxing International Trade Co., Ltd

Anhui Beidouxing International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. The company is committed to the technology research and development of new energy two wheeled vehicles, new energy tricycle and new energy four wheeled vehicles and related parts, technology innovation, sales innovation and service innovation of the new comprehensive international trade company.


The company under the jurisdiction of the Beidouxing electronic technology service, Tianchang Beidouxing electronics factory, Beidouxing international trade, Beidouxing Electronic Commerce (Beidouxing Tmall franchise store, Beidouxing Jingdong flagship store, Beidouxing information service, Beidouxing transportation business city), and Nanjing Beidouxing electronic products sales center.


Our mission: to provide users with global positioning of new energy vehicles, to provide quality new energy products components, to provide the most safe and worry free travel services.


Our vision is to create a customized positioning system for all the public and create a safe world for everyone to work.


Our values: safety, benefit, service, and dedication.