Dongsheng Intelligent Type Universal

Brand Name:DONHN
Use:For 48V12-30Ah 60V12-30Ah battery

Product Details

Specifications Overview

Specifications Overview

Brand Name:DONHN

Item Name:Dongsheng intelligent general electric vehicle 48V12-30Ah 60V12-30Ah battery multifunctional charger

Model Number:48V12-30Ah 60V12-30Ah

Place of Origin:Anhui,China(Mainland)

Use:For 48V12-30Ah 60V12-30Ah battery


Size:158*78*55mm(To prevail in kind)

Input Voltage:220V~50HZ

Input Current:1.6A

Input Power:≈340W

Output Voltage:74V

Output Current:4.0A

Certificate: CE,CCC and CAScertification

Automatic shutdown:Pulse timing-After the full power to turn green,10 minutes turn off

Operating Temperature:-20~40℃

Storage Temperature:20~85℃

Implementation of standard:T/TCDZ0001-2016

Suit for:lead-acid battery

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