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Daily maintenance of electric vehicle battery and matters needing attention

- Jul 26, 2018 -

1, ride an electric car as far as possible do not carry people or carry heavy objects, so as not to pull the battery.

2, timely charging, the best in electric vehicles using about 70% of the electricity to charge, do not wait for the electric use of light recharge, so as to avoid "deep discharge" and shorten the battery life.

3, if the charger does not have the function of temperature compensation, it should be charged at the room temperature (25 C) as much as possible (indoor, especially in winter). The charger will continue to charge for 2~3 hours after the green light, and then cut off the power supply.

4, after the electric vehicle battery is used up (under voltage lamp), it should turn off the power and drive by manpower. Do not use the "pick up voltage" to exercise.

5. Check the temperature of battery charging regularly. If you find abnormal temperature on the battery, please contact professional and technical personnel to find out the cause of fever.

6, you use the maintenance free lead acid battery, the battery in the process of use does not need to add electrolyte, do not open the battery cover, please do not decompose, transform, destroy the battery, otherwise not in the warranty range.

7, after the purchase of electric vehicles, the initial use or long-term placement must be charged, because the electric car battery in the storage will also discharge its own capacity gradually, so it will not be the performance of the regulation. If the battery does not charge for more than 1 years, sometimes it will become the reason of shortening life.

8. Lead-acid batteries can be installed vertically and laterally (the maximum angle is 90 degrees normal).

9, do not use gasoline, kerosene, volatile oil, more than 50% alcohol and other organic solvents and liquid detergents to clean the battery.

10. If there are cracks, deformation and leakage in battery box slot and lid, please replace the battery. The waste battery can participate in the sales promotion activities of the distributor, which is handled uniformly by the distributor, and it is strictly forbidden to discard at will.

11. Battery cushions must be installed in the battery box to prevent the electric vehicle from running in the battery box during the ride, thus avoiding the premature failure of the battery breakage.

12, the battery in the electrolyte is strong corrosion acid, do not splash on the skin or clothing, if splashed to the skin, eyes, must immediately rinse with clean water, when serious must be sent to the hospital treatment.

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