Electric car charging knowledge

- Jun 02, 2017 -

1. The purchase of new cars, due to the factory, transport, storage takes some time, may make the battery power shortage, please re-use the first charge.

2. Check that the rated input voltage of the charge is the same as the supply voltage.

3. The battery can be charged directly in the car, but must turn off the power switch, can also be removed to the room and other suitable places to charge.

4. Connect the output terminal of the charging appliance to the charging socket of the battery (see figure), then connect the charger plug to 220V AC power. (Note: Do not connect the charger output positive and negative)

5. At this time the charger on the charger and charging indicator light is lit, indicating that the power is turned on.

6. A charging time is about 5-10 hours. When the charge indicator from the red light to green, it means that the battery is full, at this time if the time allowed, it is best to continue charging (floating) 1-1.5 hours or so, so that the battery to get more energy. But the continuous charging time can not exceed 12 hours, or easy to cause damage to the battery deformation. Overcharge caused by battery damage, not a warranty.

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