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How should we travel safely when the rainy season comes

- Jul 28, 2018 -

Don't rush into a place where water is serious, or try to make a detour. If you have to go through, we should try to choose some of the shallow surface of the road, the depth of water is best not more than half of the wheel, because the motor half of the motor in the middle of the rear wheel center. Once the motor is flooded or flooded, it is likely to cause a series of problems, such as charging can not be charged, horn is not ringing, brake is out of order, and the controller can not work normally.

1, electric car charger do not carry the car as much as possible, if really because of the need to charge, can be in work and home or need to go to the place to prepare a few chargers. The charger has poor seismic performance. If it is in a strong turbulence, it will damage its internal components, causing some components to loose due to vibration, resulting in damage to the charger. So it is suggested that you do not carry the charger with the car!

2, the rainy season is coming, the humidity of the air is large, which brings unprecedented challenges to the charger. Due to the inlet and outlet of the charger, the humidity of the air or the direct rain will cause the internal components of the charger to be damp, which leads to the short circuit of the charger, and the "frying" phenomenon may be found in serious words. Therefore, it is recommended that your charger must be charged in a dry and ventilated environment.

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