Lithium electric bike that affect the electric car market

- Jun 02, 2017 -

From the development of electric bicycle market in recent years, the capacity of the market has been basically saturated, is expected in 2017 the global electric bicycle market sales of about 35 million, of which the Chinese market is about 25 million. The current global electric bicycle production capacity of more than 90% concentrated in China, although the lithium version of electric bicycles in Europe and the United States market development to a certain extent, to stimulate the production capacity of these areas to enhance, but the next few years China's production capacity will remain at 85% The high proportion.

In the electric bicycle power supply, the cost of the two more and more close to the case, lithium-ion battery has begun a large-scale replacement of lead-acid battery development process. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry announced the "electric bicycle with lithium-ion battery product size" standard was June 1, 2013 formally implemented, which to speed up the lithium-ion battery instead of lead-acid battery process also has a positive role in promoting. Lithium batteries in two rounds of electric bicycles in the application is also quietly speed.

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