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Electric Car Maintenance And Repair Process Need To Pay Attention To The Details

- Jun 02, 2017 -

1. Always check the front and rear tires

Electric bicycles try not to use zero start (that is, in situ start), especially in the load and uphill should be prohibited. This is because the start, the motor must first overcome the static friction, when the current is large, close to even reach the resistance current, so that the battery work to speed up the battery damage. Try to minimize the number of frequent braking and re-acceleration, do not overload and speeding (deliberately remove the speed limit device). Riding also try to avoid excessive bumps caused by vibration on the controller, contacts, connectors, the impact of motor bearings.

2. After the ride in time to add electricity

Electric car battery appears a lack of electricity "hungry" state, will cause a lot of battery deficit. Before charging, the first charger into the electric car charging seat, and then the charger power supply AC power. The battery should be filled with at least two or three hours after the full charge, to ensure that really filled, but not more than 24 hours. In addition, the summer should avoid running back immediately after charging, and the charging time is generally eight hours is appropriate, do not overcharge.

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