Electric Vehicle Maintenance Process In The 12 Note

- Jun 02, 2017 -

1, the new purchase of the electric car should be fully charged and then use. Because many electric cars in the store has been shelved for a few months, or even more than six months, it must first fully charged and then use, fully charged after the best not to use immediately, need to stand for about ten minutes.

2, the battery won the charge, when installed, the battery installed in the electric bike to be strong, to prevent the battery when the battery by vibration damage. The battery in the handling, to prohibit throwing, rolling, weight.

3, often remove the battery cover on the dust, dirt, pay attention to keep the battery dry, clean, to prevent the battery discharge itself.

4, absolutely can not let the battery in a long time in the state of lack of electricity, and to develop a good habit of charging the battery every night. Long-term do not, should be full of electricity, place a cool dry place, and regular charge (usually 10 days).

5, electric bicycle just started, use the pedal (no foot can push the ground with the way the ground) to help start, uphill, with the pedal to help electric car uphill, so as not to discharge the current is too large and damage the battery.

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