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How To Choose Electric Charger For Electric Vehicles

- May 24, 2018 -

Many friends buy a battery car when they buy a charger, and after a period of time, if the charger is lost or damaged, then a new charger will be changed. The battery charger has many models. If it is not chosen properly, it will not only damage the charger and battery, but also cause danger. So today, I will give you a general view about how to choose battery charger.

First, determine the battery pack voltage of your electric vehicle. The battery voltage of a common single battery car is 48V or 60V, corresponding to 4 batteries or 5 batteries. For each battery 12V, the corresponding model is 6-DZM-XX. This 6 means that there are several battery cells in each battery. For lead-acid batteries, each cell is 2V. Then the 6 is 12V. If the battery is 8-DZM-XX, then each battery is 16V, the 4 battery is 64V, and the 5 battery is 80V. This kind of battery is rare now, and the market is mostly 48V or 60V.

Then, determine the battery capacity of your EV battery AH. Why do you want to judge the capacity? This involves the charging principle of lead-acid batteries. The lead-acid batteries usually go through four processes: constant current, constant voltage, pulse and trickle flow. After the first three processes, the battery is basically full. Judging the duration of the four processes depends on the battery capacity and the charging voltage. Therefore, if the capacity does not match, the phenomenon of overcharge or overcharge will occur, which will reduce battery life and even cause danger. So we must pay attention to choose the corresponding battery capacity. Battery capacity is the last two figures of the battery model, and the two wheel battery cars are usually 12AH and 20AH. The three wheel battery car has 30AH, 50AH and other large capacity models.

Of course, the battery is usually installed in the battery box, can not see the type of battery. At this time, everyone will be able to tell through the original charger, if the charger is lost, it is best to ask the merchant for electric cars, what type of charger is applied to the car, and then buy it.

Finally, we have always emphasized the brand. Generally speaking, there are 4 reasons for battery damage: loss of water, vulcanization, imbalance, thermal runaway (charging). The top two accounts for almost 97% of the market's battery damage. And the charging mode is different, and the water loss is not the same. Therefore, relatively speaking, the choice of well-known brand charger through national testing is more secure. Choosing four stages of charging and double timing charger is helpful for prolonging battery life.

Finally, again, it is stressed again that the purchase of battery charger must be clear about the basic problems such as the voltage V and the capacity AH of the electric vehicle so that it can buy the suitable product.

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