Lithium Battery Charger Characteristics

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Lithium battery charger with over-voltage protection and temperature protection, lithium battery charger external current limit type charging power and P-channel FET, a single lithium battery can be safe and efficient fast charge, the biggest feature is not used In the case of inductors can still be very low power dissipation, using 8 feet μMAX package. Charge control accuracy of 0.75%, you can achieve pre-charge, the longest charging time limit for the lithium battery to provide secondary protection, lithium battery charger float method can make the battery capacity to maximize.

Lithium battery charger can automatically detect the charging power, no power automatically shut down to reduce the battery leakage. Start the fast charge to open the external P-type FET, when the battery voltage reaches the set threshold to enter the pulse charging mode, P-channel FET turns on the time will be shorter and shorter, the end of charging, LED indicator Will be flashing by 12% of the cycle. When the charging power supply and the battery are in the normal operating temperature range, the insertion of the battery will start a charging process; the end of the charge condition is that the average pulse charging current reaches 1% of the fast charge current or the time exceeds the on-chip preset charging time.

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